The Pineapple Club


Pineapple Club was founded to create a tropical speakeasy with drinks, food, and vibe.  Every space has its own identity, evoking a different feeling in each room, and delivering a unique experience and story. 

meet the team

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Travis Odegard

Travis Odegard began his career over a decade ago, as a commis for Thomas Keller at Bouchon.  He gained his passion for hospitality, and became an expert at restaurant management through years of working with renown restaurant groups, Hakkasan, Jean-Georges, Zuma, & Catch. He earned his bachelors degree in hospitality management and entrepreneurship at Les Roches School of Hospitality Management in Switzerland, and is Level 1 W.S.E.T. Certified. He has familiarized himself with the best restaurants, and has been eating and drinking his way through New York since he arrived. He is a passionate gourmet, and an industry veteran.  

Co-Founder & Beverage Director

Nazar Hrab

Nazar Hrab discovered his passion for the hospitality industry while working with Jean Georges Restaurants. Starting as a server at Mercer Kitchen, Nazar moved through almost every position in a restaurant, and by doing so, became increasingly interested in the bar and beverage space. Nazar then began bartending at Yves and Smith & Mills in Tribeca, where he honed in on his skills and landed back at Jean Georges, later spearheading the beverage program at JoJo.

As a highly experienced bartender, Nazar believes that the industry has a sweet spot for classic and rum cocktails, but for him, the simpler the better. At Pineapple Club, he is dedicating a large part of the menu to the spirit, taking inspiration from the complexity of different types of rums, and putting his twist on the classics. The cocktail menu will also reflect Nazar’s clarification technique, the use of sous vide for house made liquors, cordials and rapid aging, and a focus on cold flavor extraction. 

Operations Partner

Matthew Sylvester

Matthew had a passion for the culinary world since he was a child, following his mother and grandmother around the kitchen, learning (and eating) as much as he could. He went on to earn a degree in Culinary Arts at Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island. After college, he landed his first role as a Prep Cook in a high-end restaurant located in Hartford, CT. After two years, Matthew worked his way up to Sous Chef.

Matthew moved to New York City in 2015, where he joined Jean-Georges’ high-volume Mercer Kitchen in Soho. He mastered front-of-house service, running food, serving tables, and bartending. He then moved on to restaurant management, starting with the renowned Chef Andrew Carmellini’s Westlight, a chic cocktail bar located atop Williamsburg’s William Vale Hotel. He also spent time managing all three dining experiences at the Hoxton Hotel in Williamsburg. While leading the Hoxton’s three dining venues, Matthew helped build Pineapple Club. He is now focused on the Pineapple Club full-time. Matthew is the “swiss-army-knife” of the team because of his breadth of experience across business management, cooking, and bartending.

Matt Sylvester
Head of Technology & Merchandising, Operations Manager

Josh Spiezle

Formally a Silicon Valley Product Manager, Josh Spiezle moved from San Francisco in early 2020 (great timing). Josh joined the Pineapple Club team unofficially with freelance work in October 2020, before progressing to full-time in Spring 2021.

Josh’s favorite phrase is “I have an app for that” and rounds out the restaurant team by managing Pineapple Club’s website, merchandise design, operations, and “whatever-else” needs to get done. 

Josh Spiezle
Colleen Dalton Headshot
Head Chef

Colleen Dalton

Raised on the Jersey Shore, Colleen is always the epitome of sophistication and class.
Moved to New York 10 years ago to study at the Institute of Culinary Education, and then spent the majority of her career under Andrew Carmellini and Tom Colicchio until becoming the executive chef of Yves and Smith and Mills, where she met Nazar.
Colleen is excited to blend tropical influences into her classic French and rustic Italian training and to keep the menu as fresh and fun as the Pineapple Club.

When not in the kitchen, her other hobbies and talents include knitting, Harry Potter trivia, dad jokes, and losing to Josh at Yu-Gi-Oh.

Operations Team, Partner

Emmett Odegard

Prior to Pineapple Club, Emmett has worked at multiple properties for MGM Resorts International as well as Caesar’s Palace located in Las Vegas. Emmett has a lifelong passion for guest service & company culture.

Emmett Odegard
Kong Yan
Operations Team

Kong Yan

Kong is another team member that originally worked at Zuma. Kong runs our social channel and supports Nazar in the beverage department. He is a main-stay at Pineapple Club and a fan favorite of our guests.

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